Some our recent projects include the following:

Barrington Project
A multiple office complex containing over 30 units with corresponding parking spaces.  This was a reconstruction site renewing all parking surfaces and side walks.  Reconfiguring side walks to solve drain issues was achieved.  Replacing asphalt curbs with concrete curbs was desired by the customer.  Grades were raised in the parking lot to achieve greater slope for drainage and to keep pulverized materials left on site.  Raising the elevations was a cost effective solution of staying on budget for the client.

The Northwood Masonic Lodge
 This was a reconstruction project of the parking lot and its catch basins.  The customer had concerns of the cross section due to the asphalt breaking up in front of the dumpster.  Under cuts were performed.  Stone was added and compacted to render the pore ground conditions.  The asphalt strength was raised by providing a thicker cross section while also maintaining a proper slope for drainage.  

 Star Fish School
This was a reconstruction project that required on going staking.  Also a topographic survey was done on the existing asphalt to check quantities and proper drainage.  Stakes were used for excavating new parking areas from existing green belts.  An offset of the new perimeter allowed excavation equipment to cut down to sub-grade and install stone to a new cross section.  Intermitting stakes insured a proper cross section was made thoughtout the parking lots.  There was over 1200 liner feet, with various pipe sizes, of new storm lines installed.  The storm lines had a man hole and 4 catch basins witch were all staked with cut sheets.  Stakes were given to install over 650 feet of side walks.  Also grades were needed in the green belts to properly slope the grade to new a field drain.  A topographic survey showing the remaining pulverized material of existing parking lot was done to determine how much materials was needed prior to paving. 

             Existing Green Belts                                 Construction Staking                                  New Stone Base

Children's Methodist Church
This project needed a preliminary site plan.  The existing asphalt conditions were pore due to low slope percentages.  The parking lot had holding water and areas where the asphalt was breaking up.  After performing a topographic survey, grades were not able to be raised at fixed points near the building.  The result created a completely new cross section for a new proposed site plan.  Nearly all of the parking lot needed to be excavated down to a new sub-grade.  640 linear feet of storm lines with 5 catch basins were proposed to improve drainage of all surface areas.  This preliminary site plan gave the information needed for others to bid on this project as well as giving the owner the knowledge of what the projected cost might be. 

                   Topografic Survey of the Existing       And          Proposed Preliminary Site Plan

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